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I am a Barrister with a varied experience in the legal profession. I was a Senior Crown Prosecutor for a number of years and previously worked with Housing Associations and in the commercial sector. I am now in private practice working in  Civil,  Criminal and Employment law. 

I am based in the North West of England though I practice in all parts of England and Wales and I am clerked by  Barristerweb 


Like all Barristers I am usually contacted or instructed via a Solicitor however I am approved by the Bar Council for Direct Access work and I can provide legal advice and draft legal documents.


As well as working as an advocate I also offer training seminars and I have often appeared on radio and TV discussing legal matters. For these purposes I can be contacted by telephone at  07970981352  or  E-mail Neil  Addison  at   Religion  Law




For any person going to Court or Tribunal can be a distressing and expensive experience. There is also the danger (for both sides) of having "dirty linen" washed in public and appearing in the press. Employing me as an Independent Mediator/Arbitrator can avoid these problems and can help managers and staff, former partners or neighbours to resolve their problems in a cost effective and private way. Both sides need to agree to use my services as a Mediator/Arbitrator. Email me for further information on Mediation Services


 I am an experienced lecturer and trainer on the Law and have experience in lecturing and training non lawyers as well as Lawyers.  I have provided courses for Central Law Training (CLT), for a number of years as well as for local Law Societies and other legal and non legal organisations. If you would like to receive a lecture, a training course or advice specifically tailored to fit the needs of your organisation and dealing with any of the topics covered in this web site please     E-mail me for further information on Training Courses


For businesses providing a training programme for managers and supervisors on how to avoid Discrimination claims can be a worthwhile investment. It may help to save money on settling claims as well as helping to avoid the bad publicity such claims always generate. I can also advise on, and draft, anti-discrimination policies and guidelines.

Legal Advice and Representation, Training and Education
Contact     NEIL ADDISON     at     Religion Law