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(There are so many Internet sites dealing either with Religion or with Law that this selection of links is inevitably somewhat personal and subjective.  If anyone wishes to email me with details of any other  sites I will be pleased to hear from you but I do not guarantee to add them)

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 Legal     Catholic,     Protestant     Orthodox      Muslim    Jewish     Eastern     General    Cases

Lawyers  Christian  Fellowship

Association of Christian Law Firms

Association of Muslim  Lawyers

Muslim Law Firms

Islamic Family Law

Jewish Law Association

Canon Law Anglican

Canon Law Catholic

Ecclesiastical Law Society

House of Lords - Religious Offences in England and Wales - First Report

A Brief History of Blasphemy

Selection of Essays on Religion and Law Internationally

The Religion and Law Research Consortium

The Churches' Criminal Justice Forum

CatholicMil.org - Just War (US site)

Freedom of Speech vs. Workplace Harassment Law (US site)

Megalaw.com - Religion & Law page (US site)

Liberty Human Rights

Harassment Law

Delia  Venables  (THE  Legal  Reference  Site)

British & Irish legal Information Institute

European Court of Human Rights

European Convention on Human Rights


 Catholic    Legal       Protestant     Orthodox      Muslim    Jewish     Eastern     General    Cases

The Vatican

Catholic Church in England and Wales

Society Saint  Pius X  (Traditional  Catholic)

World Council of Churches

The  Universe &  The Catholic Times

The Tablet

Catholic Web Links (The Universe)

Byzantine (Eastern Rite) Catholics

The Catenian Association

The Presentation  Order

Catholic Education Service

Catholic  Encyclopaedia

CatholicMil.org  -  Just War


 Protestant        Legal,     Catholic,       Orthodox      Muslim    Jewish     Eastern     General    Cases

Anglican Communion Web Site

Church of England

World Council of Churches

Salvation Army

United Reformed Church

Methodist Church of Great Britain

Baptist Union of Great Britain

Evangelical Anglican

Evangelical Alliance

Christian Institute


Liverpool Cathedral

The Christian Herald

The  Church Times


 Orthodox/Eastern Christian   Catholic     Protestant    Muslim    Jewish     Eastern    

Orthodoxy in Britain

Orthodox  England

Origin of the Eastern Orthodox Church

Byzantine (Eastern Rite) Catholics

Russian  Orthodox  Church in  Britain

The British Antiochian Orthodox Deanery

Coptic Centre, UK

Celtic Orthodox Church

Chaldean  (Iraqi)  Christians

The Maronite Church

The Armenian Church

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Indian (Thomist)  Christianity

Eastern Orthodox Links

Holy Fathers Orthodox Church

Mount Athos

Western Orthodoxy

Western Rite Liturgy Page



 Muslim    Legal,     Catholic,     Protestant     Orthodox     Jewish     Eastern     General    Cases

Wikipedia section on Shariah (Muslim Law)

MCB - The Muslim Council of Britain

The Sufi Muslim Council

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB)

The Muslim Parliament of Great Britain

Organisation of the Islamic Conference

The Lancashire  Council of Mosques

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

The Muslim Weekly

The Muslim News

Q-News - The Muslim Magazine

Association of  Muslim  Lawyers

Islam Direct


Ask the Imam (Religious Advice)

Islam Online

Islamic Family Law

Muslim-Christian Marriage Support Group

Muslim College, London

The Islamic Foundation

Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity

Hizb ut Tahrir



 Jewish    Legal,     Catholic,     Protestant     Orthodox      Muslim    Eastern     General    Cases

Wikipedia Section on Halakha (Jewish Law)

The Board Of Deputies Of British Jews

Chief Rabbi

Jewish Chronicle

World Jewish Congress

Totally Jewish.com

Council of Christians and Jews

Encyclopaedia of Judaism

Getting Your Get  (Jewish  Divorce)

Torah on line

Jewish Law Association

The Khazars 


 Eastern  Religions    Legal,     Catholic,     Protestant     Orthodox      Muslim    Jewish     General   

The Bahai

Network of Sikh Organisations


Sikh Directory

Sikh Information

Buddhist Society UK

AVESTA -- Zoroastrian Archives


Hindu Forum of Britain


Hindu  Net


 General    Legal,     Catholic,     Protestant     Orthodox      Muslim    Jewish     Eastern   Cases

BBC - Religion & Ethics - Homepage

Divine Digest - The Complete Guide to All Religions

World Council of Churches

World Congress of Faiths

Churches Together in Britain & Ireland

National Secular Society

British Humanist Association

LDS (Mormon)  Church

Church of the Holy Grail

Unitarian Church

The Pagan Federation

PANTHEISM the World Pantheist Movement

Wikipedia the free Internet Encyclopaedia

FAIR - Promoting a multi faith, multi-ethnic Britain

The Works of Flavius Josephus

Christian Apocrypha and Early Christian Literature


Historic Churches Preservation Trust

International Association for Religious Freedom

International Religious Liberty Association


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