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(I have chosen a selection of books relevant to this site.  However if you are buying ANY books please buy them by clicking on the AMAZON links below. I will get a small commission which helps to cover the running costs of the site )

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A book written by me published by Routledge

It contains Chapters on,

What is a Religion ?,  Religion and Human Rights,  Religious Discrimination in goods and services, in Employment, in Education, Religious Harassment, Religious Crimes, & Religious Hatred

and extensive appendices with legislation and guidance




Employment Law Handbook  

The Employment Law Handbook" is an essential source of reference for any person seeking swift answers to employment law problems.  This new (2006) edition has been fully revised and updated to take account of all the latest legislation and case law


Harassment at Work

Written by lawyers from a leading employment law firms with new chapters on harassment based on sexual orientation, transsexuality, religion/belief and age.

Guide to Employment Tribunals

A practical guide to best practice when pursuing claims before an Employment Tribunal providing useful tips and guidelines for proper case presentation.










"For Dummies"   and "Idiot's Guides"

A useful series of books for introducing the basic facts about most religions


Selection of Books about Religion


”Non Mainstream” Religions


Religious Conflicts





Blackstone's Guide to the Employment Equality Regulations

A comprehensive guide to the 2003 Religion and Belief Regulations and the Sexual Orientation Regulations. Crucial for a full understanding of this difficult area of law


Discrimination Law

A comprehensive overview of all types of Discrimination legislation showing the many similarities between them. A good guide as to how the Religion and Belief Regulations are likely to be applied 


Harassment and Bullying at Work

An in-depth look at a variety of forms of harassment which can occur at work. How to prevent and/or deal with them


A selection of Books about Employment Law

Books about Christianity
Books about Islam 

Islamic Law (Shariah)

Islamic Family Law

Criminal Justice in Islam